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Big Bend GMD5
bullet LEMA Feedback/Comment Form
bullet Open Records Request Form (GMD5-04)
bullet Verified Claims Form (GMD5-05)
bullet Nominating Petition Form (GMD5-10)
bullet Cathodic Protection Boreholes

Certificates of Incumbency       (Due February 1st before the Annual Meeting and valid for one year only)
bullet Corporation Representative
bullet Estate Representative
bullet Municipality Representative
bullet Tenant
bullet Trustee
bullet LLC (Manager Managed)
bullet LLC (Member Managed)

Division of Water Resources
bullet Application for Approval to Change the Place of Use, the Point of Diversion, or the Use Made of Water Under an Existing Water Right (DWR 1-120.0)
bullet Application for Term Permit (DWR 1-100.7)
bullet Application for Temporary Permit (DWR 1-110)
bullet Water Use Correspondent Designation Form (DWR 1-207.2)
bullet Water Flowmeter Repair / Replacement Report (DWR 1-560)

Central Kansas Water Bank Association
bullet Application for Contract to Deposit of Water Rights     (Due April 1 of First Year of Deposit)
bullet Contract for Deposit of Water Rights
bullet Application for Withdrawal of Deposit

bullet Application to Lease Water from CKWBA
bullet Contract to Lease Water from CKWBA
bullet Term Permit to Lease Water from CKWBA (DWR form)
bullet Conservation Component Map

Savings Accounts
bullet Contract for Savings Account     (Due December 1 of Year Preceding First Year of Deposit)
bullet Withdrawal Slip for Savings Account
bullet Term Permit to Use Water from Savings Account (DWR form)


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